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    Cider roast

    Recipe of the region Bad Hall

    Ingredients for 6 people

    1 kg pork neck
    ½ pork caul membrane
    100 g bacon
    Salt, pepper
    250 ml cider
    Butter ball (mix 20 g butter with 20 g flour and form into a ball)

    For the cabbage

    1 head of cabbage
    Salt, caraway
    Dripping, crackling or bacon cubes


    Preheat the oven to 160°C (top and bottom heating).

    Season the pork neck with salt, pepper and some ginger and cover it in thin slices of bacon. Then wrap the whole roast in the pork caul membrane and roast it in the oven for approx. 2 hours. Pour cider over the meat at regular intervals while it’s roasting.

    If you want a richer gravy, add the butter ball and pour over a bit of water.

    To make the cabbage, cut the cabbage head into quarters and cook it in the salt and caraway water until soft. Put it in a bowl, season with watered down vinegar and pour over heated dripping, crackling or fried bacon cubes. An alternative: add the cooked cabbage to the casserole and cook it together with the meat for a short time in the oven.

    The Bad Hall farmers’ market wishes you happy cooking!

    Recipe of the region Bad Hall »

    Mostbratl01 © Bad Hall

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