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  • Silberblattlkrapfen © GH Schaller Schwaz - Print by BAUSE

    Karwendel Silver Region potato cakes

    Recipe of the region Karwendel Silver Region

    Ingredients for the potato dough

    1 kg floury potatoes
    500 g flour
    4 eggs
    Salt, pepper, nutmeg

    Ingredients for the filling

    250 g quark
    100 g gray cheese (finely cut)
    Season with chives, salt and pepper to taste


    The Blattln (potato cakes) are an ancient farmer’s dish in the Karwendel Silver Region. Refined with the grey cheese, which provides “the silver” for the Blattln, the savoury dish was renamed “Silberblattlkrapfen”.

    Potato dough

    Peel the cold boiled potatoes (preferably from the previous day) and press them through the potato press, form a mould and add the eggs and then flour and spices to the potato mixture. Mix everything thoroughly and let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.
    Tip: fresh marjoram gives the mixture a nice aroma


    Mix all ingredients well.

    The Silberblattlkrapfen

    Roll out the dough about 2 mm thick. Cut out the Blattln with a round cookie cutter (between 8 and 15 cm in diameter). Place the filling on the dough and seal the edges well. Deep-fry the Blattln in fat until golden brown.
    Served traditionally with sauerkraut.

    Recipe of the region Karwendel Silver Region »

    Silberblattlkrapfen © GH Schaller Schwaz - Print by BAUSE

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