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Tourismusverband Region Bad Radkersburg

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Bad Radkersburg

Past vineyards, through the Mur meadow landscape in the Biosphere Park or over to neighbouring Slovenia, the possibilities for cycling tours in Bad Radkersburg in Styria are almost endless. For leisure cyclists, e-bikers, families on an excursion and anyone who likes to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Panoramic views can be enjoyed almost everywhere, a stop at the wine taverns is also a worthwhile experience.

Bad Radkersburg is one of Austria’s most exciting and sunny cycling regions. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and southern flair, the cycling season begins in April and does not end until October. It is precisely then that the variety of landscapes can be ideally combined with wine and regional specialities such as pumpkin, beetle beans and horseradish.

Leisure cycling is when the journey is the destination. For example, when the Radbutler (bicycle butler) – a Bad Radkersburg original – serves the cyclists pumpkin sausages, bacon jam and wine along the route. After the cycle tour, you can visit the Parktherme thermal spa with a 50-metre sports pool and water that boasts a high content. And in the evening? Take astroll through the historic Old Town and enjoy the pub scene.

Culinary delights in the Bad Radkersburg region

Commonly known as scarlet runner beans, their seductively rounded fruits shimmer in the most diverse colours: brown, beige, black, purple or mauve. The bean owes its name to its bright red flowers.

However, that kind of bean only enjoys culinary cult status in Styria – and that as beetle” bean. It’s a pretty strange name, actually. But what a taste! One single dish was enough for the beetle bean to climb the culinary Olympus: the beetle bean salad. Delicate creamy beans, deep green pumpkin seed oil – a double act of nutty aromas in perfect harmony, also visually of irresistible charm. Prepared with pumpkin seed oil, apple vinegar, horseradish, salt and pepper – a Styrian culinary ritual.

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Highlights in the leisure region

  • RAD-Butler with regional delicacies
  • One of Austria’s sunniest regions
  • Wine and regional specialities like pumpkin, beetle bean and horseradish
A bicycle tour turns into pleasure when you combine it with a stop for a bite to eat.

A highlight tour is packed with panoramic views, alpine huts, restaurants and inns for a culinary stop or cultural sights. Go on an explorer tour and gather extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories.

Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

Accommodations in the area

The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable.
It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off.
It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday.
Choose one that suits you.

Blog & recipes

Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination.
Get to know its culture and people.
Be aware of its special features.
Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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