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Schilcherland Steiermark

Exploring the lightness of life

Schilcherland Steiermark

Hauptplatz 40
8530 Deutschlandsberg, Austria
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Schilcherland Steiermark

When the content of your wine glass shimmers with an onion colour, you know that you’ve arrived in the Schilcherland Styria. One vineyard follows the next along the Schilcher Wine Route.

What makes this region so special: Countless hours of sunshine, the right ground conditions and well-developed cycle tracks make the region so unique. Many of the cycle routes lead past inns, farm shops and countless producers of culinary delights. So fantastic panoramas are your constant companion on extensive cycling and hiking tours through the Schilcherland region. A holiday to your taste – leisurely and active. What else do you need for a perfect holiday in Styria?

Exploring the lightness of life

A balanced mix of fine cuisine, exquisite wines and a large portion of cordiality. Holidaymakers can also look forward to good entertainment at the range of events along the cycling and hiking tours.

The last piece of the puzzle for an unforgettable active holiday in the Schilcherland region is the extensive selection of quality establishments. In addition, there are creative restaurateurs, unique excursion destinations and products of the highest quality. Authenticity and character combined with cordiality and hospitality, so to speak.

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Favourite colour? ROSÉ?

Because of its diversity, the Schilcher wine has a lot to offer. The wine is not only available as rosé, but also as an early-pressed white wine, sweet wine, sparkling wine or strong red wine, which is called “Blauer Wildbacher”. Schilcherland Styria is a Garden of Eden and home to many producers of fine indulgences, which can be experienced on the 40 km long Schilcher Wine Route.

You can feel the lightness of life immediately when you are on the Schilcher Wine Route. From the pink colour of onion skin to ruby red, all the colour nuances of the classic West Styrian Schilcher wine accompany us as a congenial partner for fine food in cosy inns, quaint wine taverns or elegant gourmet restaurants.

A bicycle tour turns into pleasure when you combine it with a stop for a bite to eat.

A highlight tour is packed with panoramic views, alpine huts, restaurants and inns for a culinary stop or cultural sights. Go on an explorer tour and gather extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories.

Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

Accommodations in the area

The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable.
It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off.
It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday.
Choose one that suits you.

Blog & recipes

Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination.
Get to know its culture and people.
Be aware of its special features.
Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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