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Tiroler Honigtage

What? Culinary event
Where? Mathoi-Garten, 6130 Schwaz, Austria
When? 02. October 2020 - 03. October 2020

The Silver Town of Schwaz becomes the meeting point for fans of honey and bees during the Tyrolean Honey Days. The visitors can sample honey and get to know the diverse range of Tyrolean honeys. Many activities and a colourful support programme for everyone promote the work of the beekeepers and the bees.

The Honey Days are a big culinary festival in Schwaz, which is prepared by participating clubs and exhibitors with much effort and dedication. During the weekend of the Honey Days, dishes are refined with the tasty gold of the bees, because honey complements the dishes.

02. Oct -
03. Oct
Tiroler Honigtage © Angelica Morales

Tyrolean honey contains many vitamins, minerals and important trace elements. Honey strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect. The festival offers various local types of honey as well as the following treasures of the bees: propolis drops, propolis creams, flower pollen, royal jelly (pure and as day cream), honey shampoo, honey cream soap and honey foam baths. Beeswax candles in various shapes and sizes and wonderfully designed hampers are also a must at the festival. Experience sweet and healthy variety.

Tiroler Honigtage © Angelica Morales

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