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  • Orig. Brandenberger Prügeltorte © Alpbachtal Tourismus - G. Griessenböck

    Brandenberger Prügeltorte

    A regional speciality for generations

    Gasthaus Kaiserhaus

    Aschau 81
    6234 Brandenberg

    +43 5331 5271 info@kaiserhaus.eu To the website Inquire now!

    Brandenberger Prügeltorte

    The original Tyrolean Prügeltorte layer cake comes from the Tyrolean town of Brandenberg. As a regional speciality, it has been served at weddings, baptisms and other family celebrations for generations. Its preparation is very special: it is baked over an open fire. The dough mixture is dripped layer by layer over a wooden roller. The sponge cake is baked while constantly being turned until it is golden brown.

    In good weather, show baking takes place every Thursday from May – September between 2:30pm and 5:00pm at Gasthaus Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg.

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    Genussbiken im Alpbachtal in Tirol © Alpbachtal Tourismus - A. Campanile
    Brandenberger Prügeltorte
    6234 brandenberg
    aschau 81