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    Cycling holiday in Grado

    Cycling around the lagoon town on the Upper Adriatic

    Grado ­= summer, sunshine, cycling

    Picturesque villages, vineyards and sea: the lagoon landscape of Grado is the ideal place to go cycling. On a cycling holiday in Italy you can ride by the Adriatic Sea or through the particular landscape of the nature park. Far removed from the stress of daily life.

    Located at the end of the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path, the lagoon town on the Upper Adriatic has been known as a spa and bathing resort since the end of the 19th century. Kilometres of sandy beaches and cycle trails are literally at your feet. With endless hours of sunshine, a sea with outstanding water quality and a shallow basin, as well as its exceptional charm, Grado will also impress families. Between historically significant towns, beach, pizza, pasta & wine, your cycling holiday in Grado will become unforgettable.

    Varied tours are guaranteed on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea. Where do you want to go? Along gentle paths in the rural villages on the lowlands? Or into the nature conservation area? And what about a discovery tour through the karst? The main thing: la dolce vita in bella Italia!

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    Consorzio Grado Turismo

    Viale Dante Alighieri 72
    34073 Grado, Italy
    +39 0431 80383 info@gradoturismo.org

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    Gentle cycling through the lagoons of Grado

    Grado – a small town with a lot of history, where bikers‘ hearts will start racing and there’s no shortage of pleasure. Surrounded by the exceptional Adriatic flair, there’s a lot of food waiting to be discovered on a cycling holiday in Grado.

    In the bars, restaurants, trattorias and osterias by the beach and in the old town you can try the Fruilan specialities: as well as the traditional pizzas and pasta you must, of course, sample all the varieties of freshly caught fish and seafood. The gastronomic culture clearly extends beyond its lagoons. Wash it down with glass of Friulano or Aperol – cin cin!

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    The cycling diversity of the Adriatic Sea

    You won’t find a place that’s more welcoming for bikers: whether it’s a long route on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path or through the old town – there are so many cycle routes in Grado. You can discover mountain, hilly and lagoon landscapes from the saddle – on routes alongside vineyards and the Adriatic Sea.

    With salty air in your face, you can explore the multifaceted network of trails on a city bike, e-bike or normal bike. Go on the trail of Roman history through Aquileia, to the unspoilt Isola della Cona, shopping in Palmanova, explore the vibrant city life of Triest or on historical routes from the First World War …

    Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

    Accommodations in the area

    The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable. It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off. It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday. Choose one that suits you.

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    Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination. Get to know its culture and people.
    Be aware of its special features. Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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