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    From the Alps to the sea

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      Velontour destinations

      in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

      Velontour combines activity with pleasure, bringing you close to landscapes and their nature.

      A multifaceted cycling holiday is on the agenda.

      Leisure experts

      Erdbeeren © Rosalia Neufelder See

      The region’s biggest and sweetest treat is the Wiesener “strawberry”. The wonderful scent of the sun-ripened fruits and the sparkling Rosalia Frizzante rosé make your mouth water. If it were not a strawberry, you would have to address it like royalty.

      Culture meets culinary delights

      AustriaBurgenland, Rosalia Lake Neufelder See

      Knappenwirt Küchenchef Michael © Michael Hebenstreit

      When preparing his dishes, Toque-chef Michael Lohr places particular emphasis on regionality and seasonal products.

      Knappenwirt – modern cuisine meets Styrian home cooking

      , Murau

      Kartoffel Chips © Velontour

      Yellow, red, blue, dotted, small, large, round and oblong, waxy and floury anyway – potato varieties are like stars in the sky. For Hans Moser and Andrea, this is always an incentive to cultivate unusual “newcomers” in addition to popular standard varieties here in Salzburg’s Lungau region every year.

      Lungau potatoes

      , Salzburger Lungau Katschberg

      Buschenschankjause © Schilcherland Steiermark - Lupi Spuma

      The Schilcherland Styria is a Garden of Eden and hub of culinary powerhouses that can be experienced up close on the 40 km long Schilcher Wine Route.

      The Schilcher

      AustriaStyria, Schilcherland Steiermark

      Gewürztraminer Traube © TVTramin-AntieBraito

      At home all around the world.
      The Gewürztraminer effectively has taken root all over the world and is an undisputed icon here in Tramin, the place that gave the wine its name. And that’s exactly how it’s handled, this golden white wine that is believed to be so many things.

      The Gewürztraminer

      ItalySouth Tyrol, Tramin – Lake Kaltern

      Trumer Pils - Felix Bussler © Salzburger Seenland Velodrom

      Exclusively using natural hops, the specially developed method of open fermentation and the particularly long fermentation time according to the Slow Brewing philosophy make Trumer Pils a top representative of its genre.

      Trumer Private Brewery

      , Salzburger Seenland

      & enjoy

      Our bike hotels are the ideal starting point to discover the diverse regions around in a sporty way, culturally, scenically and culinary. From pleasant inns to 4-star hotels that provide all the amenities a cyclist's heart desires: in our ideally located, bike-friendly accommodations, everything is tailored to the needs of cycling holidays aligned. Exercise, relaxation and enjoyment combine here to create a very special holiday experience.