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Leisure region Heidiland

Where the Riviera is a stone’s throw away from the Alps and fig trees grow, where world champion wines ripen and thermal water bubbles, there is the Heidiland holiday region. This hidden cycling jewel is located in the east of Switzerland. Whether mountain peaks, fjord or historic town centre – the theme of enjoyment runs through the entire region, which can be explored comfortably by bike even in the most remote corners. The Mediterranean climate provides “Heidiland” with southern flair and at the same time encourages high alpine as well as leisure tours.

Heidiland for connoisseurs

Through the alleys of winding villages, between vineyards, past kiwi bushes or along unspoilt lakeshores: Heidiland offers cycling tours for every taste. And this in two respects. The popular leisure tours combine scenic and culinary preferences and turn every excursion into a feast for the senses. The best way to relax after every bike tour is to drink the 36.5° warm thermal water of the Tamina Therme spa in Bad Ragaz.

Highlights of the leisure region

A highlight tour is packed with panoramic views, alpine huts, restaurants and inns for a culinary stop or cultural sights. Go on an explorer tour and gather extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories.

A bicycle tour turns into pleasure when you combine it with a stop for a bite to eat.

Accommodations in the area

The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable.
It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off.
It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday.
Choose one that suits you.

Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

Blog & recipes

Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination.
Get to know its culture and people.
Be aware of its special features.
Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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