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Fascinating long-distance cycle routes


Fascinating long-distance cycle routes

Long-distance cycle routes are full of adventures and stories. They are probably the most intensive way of travelling. You can experience the changes in the landscape and climate at close range. There is enough time to discover sights and special features and maybe even to take a short detour from the route. Travelling by bike means independence. No wonder that long-distance cycle routes have become so popular. Cycling to the sea or along big rivers is a small adventure with a big sense of achievement.

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Experiencing nature and culture intensively along the long-distance cycle route

Anyone planning a cycling holiday today basically has two options. The first is to plan your bike tours from a central location. This has the advantage that you only need one accommodation and little luggage. The second option is to make a longer tour in one go – on a long-distance cycle route. It may be a little more demanding, but it offers many new impressions, new landscapes, new cultures, new delicacies.

How about a bike tour from the Engadin in Switzerland along the Inn river in Tyrol to the Danube? Or from Regensburg in Germany along the Danube to Vienna, the City of Waltzes? In addition, the crossing of the Alps from Salzburg to the Adriatic coast in Grado is particularly multi-faceted. This route has become a popular cycling classic. It manages without major pass crossings – a light Alpine crossing so to speak.


The long-distance cycle route: it’s all a question of attitude

A multi-day cycle tour along a long-distance cycle route sounds like a big challenge for many leisure cyclists. But it’s all about attitude. Long-distance cycle routes are not designed to be completed as quickly as possible. You have to enjoy and experience them. Take your time, enjoy the route and don’t let delays spoil your good mood. With a relaxed attitude, detours also become an interesting alternative. Often you can even discover surprising sights. The long-distance cycle route is not about the destination, it’s about the route itself and what you experience and explore with curiosity.

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