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    Cycling holiday in Radstadt

    Cycling in Radstadt, a paradise for hobby cyclists

    Radstadt – surrounded by mountains

    Experience the fragrant forests, cool airstream and the twittering of birds in the Salzburg region – that’s the feeling of freedom you get on a bike. In enchanting small towns with 5,000 residents you’ll find a piece of the light-heartedness that we often lose in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    In the heart of the Salzburg region you’ll be enchanted by the small town with its mediaeval flair and unique natural backdrop. With its unique location in the upper Enns Valley, only 70 km south of Salzburg and between the Dachstein Massif and Radstadt Tauern, the “old town in the mountains” is simply “surrounded by mountains”.

    As its name suggest, Radstadt is the cycling town (German – “RAD-STADT”) in the Salzburg Sport World that is located on two long cycling tracks: the Enns Cycle Track and Hallein-Salzkammergut tour.

    You’ll discover a wide range of e-bike and pleasure routes on a cycling holiday in Radstadt. So you can get to know the surrounding Salzburg Sport World at your own pace.

    Bergpanorama in Radstadt © Velontour

    Radstadt Tourismus / Salzburger Sportwelt

    Schernbergstraße 8
    5550 Radstadt, Austria
    +43 6452 7472 info@radstadt.com

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    Stoneman Taurista

    There are also numerous mountain bike routes, including the Austrian Stoneman event – the “Stoneman Taurista”. Every May the “Amadé cycling marathon” takes place in Radstadt and is a public race for road bike fans. Cycling can be experienced here in all of its diversity.

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    Radstadt dumpling festival

    Do you know how many different types of dumplings there are? Neither do we! But during the annual Radstadt dumpling festival you’ll discover an incredible selection of varieties. Whether in soups, as a main dish or as a dessert – Austrian cuisine impresses with its variety of different dumplings. You’re guaranteed to find your favourite there – whether it’s spicy or sweet. And the best part: entrance is free!

    Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

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    The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable. It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off. It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday. Choose one that suits you.

    Blog & recipes

    Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination. Get to know its culture and people.
    Be aware of its special features. Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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