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    Cycling holiday in Lower Austria

    Rediscover cycling tours in Lower Austria

    Explorer Tours in Lower Austria’s Gourmet Haven

    In the unique gourmet haven of Lower Austria, it’s not about clocking kilometers but about the stories we discover and take with us on our bikes. With 10 top cycling routes and 6 lovingly curated cycling explorer tours, a cycling vacation in Lower Austria leads through breathtaking landscapes and distinctive regions, offering impressive cultural treasures, warm hospitality, new favorite taverns, and charming boutique hotels.

    Breathtaking nature parks, fascinating monasteries and convents, and impressive treasures along the way provide surprises during a cycling vacation in Lower Austria, offering exciting stories about the region’s rich landscape, art history, and culinary traditions.

    On the bike, it’s mostly about enjoying the ride without strenuous climbs along rivers and railway tracks – sometimes leading to genuine power spots in wild romantic gorges, then again to picturesque river courses and colorful meadows, and into cool forests. The diverse landscape seems tailor-made for enjoyable cycling and gentle e-mountain biking in Austria.

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    Vibrant Tavern Culture & Contemporary History

    On the tailored 6 explorer tours, there’s also the opportunity to collect cultural treasures and contemporary history – castles, monasteries, gardens, museums, and UNESCO World Heritage sites provide variety and impressive journeys through time.

    Time for a break in between – whether at a cozy wine tavern, a traditional inn, or a trendy gourmet restaurant. After all, Lower Austria’s tavern culture is also part of the cycling paradise of Lower Austria, which simply must be discovered with all senses!

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    Discover the Culinary Regions of Lower Austria

    The five different regions of Austria‘s largest federal state each have their own character: Discover power spots while cycling along rivers in the Mostviertel, cycle through the wine cellar lanes of the Weinviertel on a star tour, flow with the water in the Danube Lower Austria between Ybbs and Hainburg, follow the trails of monasteries, emperors, and artists in the Vienna Woods, or immerse yourself in the history of the former Iron Curtain along the Iron Curtain Trail in the Waldviertel.

    5 Enjoyable Cycling Tours in Lower Austria

    Destinations for a cycling holiday in Lower Austria

    Do you want to enjoy 360-degree experiences from a scenic, art history and culinary perspective? Welcome to a cycling holiday in the pleasure mecca of Lower Austria! Monasteries, convents and natural parks – through to fluffy dumplings and exquisite wines.

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