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    Cycling holiday in East Styria

    Pleasure cycling in green East Styria

    Off on the cycle trails in East Styria

    A cycling holiday in Styria has a great deal to offer – particularly when you spend it on two wheels on the cycle trails in East Styria. You can enjoy a delightful holiday experience in the middle of the countryside.

    Cycling in East Styria is like hiking while sitting down: challenging but primarily enjoyment. Why should you hurry when there’s so much to see and do in the Garden of Austria?

    While you’re pedalling along the cycle trails in East Styria, beautiful backdrops stretch out to the left and right: gentle hills, blossoming meadows, lush orchards, rippling rivers, sleepy villages and towns. Some people’s jaws will drop in amazement. Yet it’s not only your eyes that will be enchanted; your palate will also be fully satisfied. Numerous restaurants with regional specialities perfectly round off the cycling experience.

    Genussradeln in der Oststeiemark © Velontour

    Tourismus-regionalverband Oststeiermark

    St. Johann bei Herberstein 100
    8222 Feistritztal, Österreich
    +43 3113 20678 info@oststeiermark.com

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    Food plays an important role when cycling in East Styria

    Regional specialities are always just around the corner in East Styria. Whether it‘s freshly squeezed fruit juices, top-quality wines or a hearty “Jause” – the landlords in the area invite you to enjoy a  pleasurable break.

    If you want to charm your palate with various farm treats, take a visit to the publicly accessible farm shops during your cycle tour. Vending machines along the cycle routes also offer food around the clock. So nobody will go hungry or thirsty while cycling in East Styria!

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    There’s a lot to discover on the cycle trails in East Styria

    During the discovery tour through the Garden of Austria you’ll gradually get to know the region a bit better. From the St. Stefan Gothic stone church to the Hartberg Recreation and Leisure Centre – you’ll find the right programme for every taste.

    The new discovery tour will be opened in summer 2021 with the friendly support of East Styria Regional Development and the state of Styria. So you can look forward to a successful combination of cycling fun and pleasure.

    Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

    Accommodations in the area

    The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable. It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off. It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday. Choose one that suits you.

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    Blog & recipes

    Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination. Get to know its culture and people.
    Be aware of its special features. Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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