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  • Genussvolle Radtour im Mühlviertler Hochland © Velontour

    Cycling holiday in the Mühlviertel highlands

    Discover the cycle routes in the Mühlviertel highlands

    Pleasure cycling holiday in the Mühlviertel highlands

    People know how to enjoy things here. Hectic and stress seem to be almost impossible in the gentle nature of the Mühlviertel highlands. The calm natural setting in Upper Austria becomes a place of refuge that offers something highly sought after: freedom.

    Place to enjoy and relax, spaces to experience and discover, calm instead of hectic: in the Mühlviertel Highlands you can enjoy life away from mass tourism and the urban jungle. The gently rolling landscapes in the Mühlviertel and its authentic hospitality will automatically make you slow down. On the menus you’ll find local cuisine and regional delicacies along 1,500 km of well-signposted discovery tours for mountain bikers, e-bikers and pleasure cyclists.

    Radfahrer nahe der Burgruine Waxenberg © Velontour

    Tourismusverband Mühlviertler Hochland

    Hauptplatz 19
    4190 Bad Leonfelden, Austria
    +43 7213 6397 office@muehlviertlerhochland.at

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    Connoisseurs have come to exactly the right place!

    The scenic diversity of the region is reflected in its culinary offerings: from rustic picnic stations to traditional Mühlviertel taverns and excellent toque-winning restaurants. They are all connected by one thing: regionality and warm hospitality. Gourmet lovers will find organic food without any frills, hoppy bitter, the powerful aroma of bacon and cider and nutty linseed oil. And of course the famous Kastner gingerbread – a regional speciality and excursion destination in one. That’s the taste of the Mühlviertel.

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    Discover border regions by bike

    Numerous cycle routes take you through the Mühlviertel highlands. Experience European contemporary history close up along the former Iron Curtain. Part of the Iron Curtain, including display boards, has been created as a memorial alongside the Norwaldklammweg on the Guglwald border crossing point as a reminder that Europe used to be divided.

    Today, the recreation area also extends beyond the Upper Austrian and Czech border. Explore the wonderful Bohemian Forest National Park and Conservation Area around the Lipno Reservoir by the Vltava River – the largest lake in the Czech Republic. As well as the reservoir, the treetop route with its breathtaking views of the entire Bohemian Forest is a highlight for families.

    Our accommodations offer cyclists and connoisseurs everything their hearts desire.

    Accommodations in the area

    The ideal accommodation is where you feel comfortable. It serves to retreat, to relax, to switch off. It is an essential part of a perfect cycling holiday. Choose one that suits you.

    Blog & recipes

    Immerse yourself fully in the cycling destination. Get to know its culture and people.
    Be aware of its special features. Make every minute of your cycling holiday a pleasure.

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