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    Swiss pine syrup

    Recipe of the region Salzburger Lungau


    5 litres of water
    5 kg sugar
    ½ kg candied sugar
    50 Swiss pine cones
    Thyme (if desired)
    Juice of 5 squeezed lemons
    100 g citric acid

    Swiss pine syrup

    Swiss pine schnapps is probably one of the most well-known Lungau specialities. It has an indescribably delicious taste and is often drunk in our Lungau chalets. Do you like the taste of Swiss pine schnapps but would like to have an alcohol-free alternative that is just as delicious? Then try our recipe for a delicious Swiss pine syrup.

    Preparing the Swiss pine syrup

    1. Bring the water to the boil with the sugar and candied sugar
    2. Add the chopped Swiss pine
    3. Add the thyme (if desired)
    4. Add the lemon juice and citric acid
    5. Leave to stand for 24 hours
    6. Strain and then bring to the boil again
    7. Add some preserving aid and pour into bottles

    Recipe of the region Salzburger Lungau »

    Zirbensirup © Ferienregion Lungau

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