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    Wachau apricot dumplings

    Recipe of the region Danube Lower Austria

    Ingredients for the Wachau apricot dumplings (approx. 10 pieces)

    approx. 10 apricots
    apricot liqueur
    sugar cubes

    Ingredients for the dough

    150 g flour
    2 tbsp semolina
    250 g curd cheese
    70 g butter
    1 egg

    Ingredients for the breadcrumbs

    70 g butter
    150 g breadcrumbs
    4 EL sugar
    150 g grated almonds

    Preparation of the Wachau apricot dumplings

    Mix all the ingredients into a smooth dough. Slice the apricots on one side and remove the stone. Dip a sugar cube in apricot liqueur and fill the apricot with it. Close the apricot again and cover with the dough. Place in boiling water and leave to stand for approx. 15 minutes.

    “Apricot dumplings must always be fresh on the plate,” recommends the landlady. The guests wait for the dumplings, not the other way round. Instead of rolling lots of dumplings in the breadcrumbs in the pan, she sprinkles them with the sugar crumb mixture. This keeps the crumbs nice and crunchy – and the flavour is perfect.

    Recipe from apricot host Ilse Tanzer-Aufreiter, Marillenhof Aufreiter, Krems-Angern (www.weinhof.at)

    Recipe of the region Danube Lower Austria »

    Marillen © NÖW - Stefan Fürtbauer

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