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    Donauwaller (catfish fillet)

    Recipe of the region Danube Upper Austria

    Ingredients Donauwaller

    1 l beef broth
    800g catfish fillet
    250g carrots
    yellow turnips
    15 small potatoes
    approx. 50 g horseradish

    Preparation Donauwaller (catfish fillet)

    Cut the catfish fillet into 6 cm wide strips. Cut the vegetables into fine strips and pre-cook the potatoes. Cook the vegetables, potatoes and fish fillet in the beef soup for around 10 minutes and then leave to steep. Serve the fish on a deep plate with some soup, vegetables, potatoes and freshly grated horseradish. Serve with a fresh seasonal salad.

    Preparation time: 35min

    Recipe of the region Danube Upper Austria »


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