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    Tirtln pastries

    Recipe of the region Bruneck


    1000 g spinach
    150 g quark
    500 g potatoes
    1 onion


    500 g rye flour
    2 eggs
    500 g wheat flour
    3 tablespoons of oil
    Water (lukewarm)

    Preparation Tirtln

    Filling: Strain the spinach and potatoes, lightly fry the finely chopped onion. Leave to cool and then mix together well with the quark, spinach and potatoes.

    Dough: Knead together the wheat flour, rye flour, eggs, oil, salt and water (as required) to form a firm dough. Form approx. 3 cm thick rolls from the dough. Cut out pieces with a thickness of approx. 5 cm and flatten out sheets that are approx. 2 mm thick (diameter approximately 15 cm). Place a bit of filling on a dough sheet, cover with a second sheet and press firmly down all the way round. Round off the overhanging edge. Then cook in hot oil.

    Recipe of the region Bruneck »

    Tirtln © Bruneck

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