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    Waldviertel potato dumplings

    Recipe of the region Waldviertel


    1 part cooked Waldviertel potatoes

    3 parts raw Waldviertel potatoes



    Everyone loves them in the Waldviertel and they are an essential part of Sunday lunch in the region: Waldviertel potato dumplings! Sometimes they take on a supporting role as a popular side dish for hearty meat dishes such as roast pork or cured meat; sometimes they are the celebrated main part. There are many different ways to prepare them – we’ll show you how to make them quickly with an original recipe from grandma’s kitchen:

    Peel, wash and grate the raw potatoes. Strain them in a tea towel and squeeze. Carefully pour away the liquid and add the released starch to the potato mixture.

    Peel the cooked potatoes, press them through the crusher and mix with the raw potato mixture. Add a bit of salt.

    Wet your hands and form dumplings from the mixture. Leave to simmer in simmering salt water for approx. 20 minutes. Serve the finished dumplings with meat dishes e.g. roast pork.

    Recipe of the region Waldviertel »

    Erdäpfelwelt Schweiggers © Waldviertel Tourismus Christoph Kerschbaum

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