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  • Mohnzelte © Waldviertel Tourismus - Studio Kerschbaum

    Waldviertler Mohnzelten

    Recipe of the region Waldviertel

    Ingredients for 15 “Mohnzelten”

    300 g Waldviertel potatoes
    500 g flour
    300 g farmers‘ butter
    2 yolks
    2 tbsp. sour cream
    Baking powder

    Ingredients for the poppy filling

    200 g Waldviertel poppy
    200 g sugar
    100 g farmers‘ butter
    Vanilla sugar

    Preparing the Waldviertler Mohnzelten

    Cuisine and indulgence are very important in the Waldviertel. The traditional “Waldviertler Mohnzelten” are particularly popular and you can use the following recipe to prepare them at home.

    Cook the potatoes, let them cool and grate them. To make the batter, rub together the flour and farmers´ butter, mix together the remaining ingredients with the grated potatoes and knead well. Divide the batter into 15 similar sized pieces and separate them. To make the filling, mix together the ground poppy with sugar and melted butter, add the flavouring ingredients and stir well. Put the filling inside the batter discs and close them well. Press them flat, place them on a greased tray and prick a pattern using a fork. Bake in the oven at 180 C° until golden brown (turn once).

    Recipe of the region Waldviertel »

    Mohnzelte © Waldviertel Tourismus - Studio Kerschbaum

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